About Us

Cartwright Concrete, Inc is a Henderson concrete company that is family owned and operated. My father, Kelly Cartwright, started Cartwright Concrete in 1992, Incorporated in 2007. I am his eldest son, Michael. My father lets me run the company more and more each day and is cherishing the time we have together.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. Hopefully you found us by way of being a prior customer or referral from a satisfied customer. If not, the best way to learn about us is to hire us. I believe that our longevity speaks volumes. We maintain a humble attitude as we approach 20 years in the concrete business. Please call me personally for any questions.

Company History

The owners, my parents Kelly & Linda Cartwright, started Cartwright Concrete in 1992. They experienced very lean years in the beginning, very similar to the economic climate that we are currently experiencing. I believe they weathered the storm then and will now with God's help. He has instilled in them a hard-work ethic, fiscal responsibility, and a moral integrity that is rare in today's American culture. They are the same people during the work week as they are on Sunday.

My parents ingrained these characteristics in me over the years by their example. I was 13 in 1992, but the training started early on. Saturday morning cartoons and sleep-overs took a back seat to yard work, home projects, and quality family time. Now I find myself married and a father of three. I am trying to instill these traits in my children.

Henderson has been an exciting place to call home over the years. My wife, Christine and I are both natives. The changes that have taken place have been mostly good and we are learning to change with the times. Our Pastor, Mike Teixeira says, "Change is never easy, but is necessary if you want to grow." We are proud to live and work in Henderson, and look forward to serving our community and raising our children for years to come.

My parents are slowly transitioning out of the business. I pray that as they pass the torch that it only burns brighter for Him.

God Bless,
Michael Cartwright